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Player Forms

North Texas State Soccer Association has many forms for players, coaches, referees, and parents. If the form is not here, please check their form library for the appropriate form you are looking for

Guest Player Release Form

Player Forms

Guest player release - For recreational players, the Member Association must sign at the bottom.

Medical Release Form

Player Forms

Players use this form to provide certain insurance and emergency contact information in order for the coach/league to deal with medical emergencies.  Please print, complete, and sign the Medical Release form; then give it to your coach when asked to do so.

North Texas Release Form

Player Forms

Use this form to initiate a release from your parent organization.

Academy Registration Form

Player Forms

Individual soccer players residing anywhere in the North Texas area can request an Academy Player Registration form from Crowley Independent Soccer Association. This form is required for player participation in any NTSSA academy program or tournament. This form must be available at all training and competitions for insurance purposes.

Game Day Checklist

Coach Forms

The Coaches Game Day Checklist is designed to help you keep track of all the administrative and physical requirements required for each game

Player / Coach Sit-Out Verification Form

Coach Forms

As per NTSSA Rule,, and, any player/coach receiving a send-off (red card) must sitout the next scheduled game that the player’s team is involved in. In order to verify that the offending player/coach serves his/her game suspension, this form must be completed by the coach, assistant coach, or team manager and the referee must sign off on the fact that the player/coach did not participate. Player/Coach receiving send-off must then submit this report to the tournament headquarters and/or team’s playing league.

Referee Evaluation Form

Coach Forms

Please submit this Referee Evaluation Form with any comments that will help make a better experience for the players, teams and spectators.