GotSport Account - Coach / Manager

Coach / Manager Registration

Coach and Manger registration is free, thank you for volunteering your time!

All Coaches-Registration/Background Checks

All coaches, assistant coaches, and managers need to be registered and have an approved background check.  We are issuing coach cards for all our recreational coaches.  These will take the place of the background check cards that are shown when you are approved.  You need to register using the coach link on the registration tab.  You will automatically be sent a confirmation email with your GotSoccer coach account login information. 

The background check access is on your GotSoccer coach account in the gray bar.  You will click either submit new report.  The new report box will bring up an online form for you to fill out and submit. Once you have registered as a coach, you will need to email the registrar about signing your coach card.  Thanks so much for volunteering with Eagle Mountain Soccer Association.

Expectations for a EMSA Coach

The coach of a team sets the attitude of everyone around them. This includes the players, parents and spectators. As the coach "the leader of the team" your responsibility is to provide a positive environment in which the children can learn and develop. The lessons that they learn extend beyond the child's soccer skills.

They include how to deal with conflict and how to demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during and after the game. Eagle Mountain Soccer Association expects the coach to lead by example and do their very best to provide a positive soccer

experience for their team. Please keep this in mind when interacting with players, parents, referees and the opposing team.

Coach Mantras

Primary focus on "development", not "winning" - subtle difference but very important.  Winning is desirable of course, but making it your primary focus, especially your primary short-term focus, will most likely lead to bad decisions in your training program and game execution.

U.S. Center for Safesport

We are so excited that you want to be a volunteer with Eagle Mountain Soccer Association.  Before you can be involved with Eagle Mountain Soccer Association, you must complete Safe Sport training.  This training is of NO COST to you other than about 90 minutes of your time.

Please follow these instructions to complete your training:

  • Navigate to
  • Click on SIGN IN on the top right-hand corner
  • Click on REGISTER
  • Enter your information, using the same exact information you use for your GOTSOCCER account
  • If you do not have a got soccer account, you will need to register here first. Otherwise, proceed to next step.
  • When you get to ADD MEMBERSHIP, select US SOCCER from the drop-down menu
  • Then you will enter access code (case sensitive) that was provided to you (copy and paste should work).
  • Check your email for email from SafeSport, Subject SafeSport Account Created and click on CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS
  • This should complete the registration process, then you can go back to the SIGN ON page and sign in to your new account.
  • Once signed in, you will be taken to your SafeSport Learning dashboard, you can add your photo (suggested to add headshot)
  • You will see that you will have three incomplete modules/curricula, and they are named:
    • Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
    • Mandatory Reporting
    • Emotional and Physical Misconduct
  • ALL THREE training modules must be completed to be allowed to coach or volunteer with Eagle Mountain Soccer Association.
  • Once you have completed your training, you must print out your "SafeSport Trained” certificate and keep on file.
    • Please print to PDF, or take a screen shot of your certificate and e-mail to so Eagle Mountain Soccer Association can keep on file.
  • Once completed, your SafeSport Trained Certification is valid for two (2) years.  A refresher course will be offered every two (2) years to maintain your certification.

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